Brainy Parenting

One of the best parenting tips for single moms is to be as "precious" with your time as you can. A wide, demographically diverse view of the landscape of American households reveals stark parenting divisions not so much tied to personal values or beliefs and more to familial structure and economic circumstance. Although many assume that parenting tips for single moms are designed only for the most financially able families, a quick glance at the latest census data suggests otherwise. While there are no absolute parenting tips for single moms, parenting tips for busy people may offer parenting tips for single parents who struggle with time: Find a way to balance work and home life.



A new Washington Post parenting tip highlights the parenting tips for busy people that the Washington Post itself has highlighted before: Be sure to check the child care provider directory before sending your child to day care. If it's not on the directory, call the number and find out. The Washington Post parenting tips for busy people also advise parents to keep an eye on their children's school hours to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Parenting tips for single parents show that when it comes to parenting styles, "No, you're not trying to be a wuss." Even though kids often don't like being told no, parents shouldn't be afraid to say "no." Kids benefit from knowing that their parents respect their decisions, and they like to know that mom and dad are working together to solve problems. When kids see mom and dad bailing them out of a jam, they are much more likely to cooperate with them in the future, especially if they know mom and dad will stop at the local restaurant if necessary to pay for the babysitter. Being consistent with boundaries helps kids develop healthy reactions to conflict; it also makes them feel loved.