Brainy Parenting

The parenting battles that dominate our society today are nothing new. Parenting issues have been an issue since time immemorial. The only thing that has changed is the way the parenting issues are handled by each and every generation. While these arguments may resonate strongly with some mothers, they seldom ignore the most basic, elemental challenges most parents face. A broad, statistical examination of the landscape of modern American families reveals stark parenting differences linked more to cultural factors and less to values or philosophies.


For example, the parenting issues that split moms from dads in their children s education almost exclusively stem from two very different parenting styles - authoritative parenting and caretaking parenting. Most of the differences in parenting styles stem from a tendency to prioritize moms' parenting over dads'. authoritative parenting requires that parents set high standards for themselves and for their children, subjecting their children to an authoritative parent's standards of parenting (e.g., disciplining their children according to set parenting rules) and setting low expectations for themselves (e.g., expecting their children to be well behaved). Caretaking parenting, on the other hand, requires that parents take care of themselves and give children the freedom to decide for themselves and to make personal choices. Children who come from caregiving families are much more likely to experience emotional and behavioral problems and to have poor academic outcomes.

Other parenting issues that tend to unify the "good parenting" community and that make up a large part of the parenting advice industry include understanding the needs of divorced parents and single parents. Divorced and single parents face unique parenting challenges, including parenting issues that often go unnoticed by many "good parenting" parenting gurus. For example, divorced parents need help and support from friends and family to raise their children better, but many parenting gurus do not understand or provide for these parents' needs. Other divorced parents say that they wish they had more help, but they don't know how to get it. There are also many single parenting parents who are struggling to raise their children, and many parenting gurus claim to have the answers to making parenting for single parents easier.