Brainy Parenting

Parenting is easier when you have friends, relatives, or other acquaintances on your side. In fact, human parenting has always required companionship. People throughout history have raised their children in precisely the way that they expected to be treated. People who provided parenting help, emotional support, or monetary assistance. Today the role of these types of people are all but gone, because people of all lifestyles and income levels are raising children.


The concept of the parenting skill or parenting style that applies to you will most likely vary from person to person. This is because we all come from different cultures, backgrounds, and social statuses. Thus, parenting tips for single dads, divorced mothers, and African American mothers differ dramatically from each other. The way that we handle stress, our reaction to stress, our ability to change and adapt, how we deal with conflict, and what affective empathy (the ability to feel another's pain) we possess will also differ dramatically.


Still, if you want to be a good parent and you want your kids to grow up healthy, happy, and well adjusted, these parenting tips for single dads and divorced mothers will help you. These tips will help you deal with stress, manage your emotions, improve your parenting skills, and teach your kids how to be good people. Parenting tips for the stay at home parent are similar to those of the parenting tips for the working mom and the stay at home dad.