Brainy Parenting


The parenting tips for urban people were developed to assist urban families in attaining the parenting goals for kids and parents. Parenting tips for urban individuals are based on the parenting beliefs and behaviors of urban dwellers. The committee then identified core parenting principles, desired outcomes for kids, and best practices for parenting behaviors, attitude, and values.


Other parenting tips for urban people emphasized early childhood education, including breast-feeding, early immunization, home visitation, parenting skills, parent-child interaction, good communication, parent parenting support, and family time bonding. To measure the effectiveness of parenting tips for urban people, the parenting group conducted a series of studies at the Washington University in St. Louis. The research suggested that parenting tips for urban people were most effective when supported by community reinforcement. In other words, if a mom or dad followed parenting tips like being consistent, being fair to a child, being flexible, using humor, and setting limits, then kids from that family will likely be more likely to behave appropriately as adults. Additionally, the research found that parenting tips for urban people also applied when parenting tips for single parents were implemented by supporting single parenting.


Parenting tips for the working poor were analyzed by the Office of Child Development in the District of Columbia. The analysis found that parenting tips for working mothers and dads were most effective in the District of Columbia. Specifically, parenting tips for single parents, gay/bi families, and working mothers/dads focused on promoting self-worth and self-direction, increasing parenting skills, increasing parenting knowledge and skills, instilling healthy conflict resolution strategies, decreasing substance abuse and smoking, increasing parenting support, and increasing educational opportunities for kids from low-income families. The parenting tips for urban parents were found to be most effective in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC regions. For parents who are employed in these regions, parenting tips for urban and working parents included promoting job protection and promotion, increasing education and skill development opportunities, increasing parental time and workplace flexibilities, improving parenting skills while increasing parenting discipline, avoiding conflict and violence, and learning new parenting approaches.