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These Bible story retelling pages can be used for children to draw a picture to illustrate a Bible story you have read in class.

Bible Story Retelling Pages

Bible Story Retelling Pages

After reading the Bible story a few times, print and copy the Bible story retelling page for your students. Ask children to draw a picture of something they remember from the story.

The more familiar children are with a Bible story, the more they will be able to recall about the story. For this reason, it would work best to use this activity at the end of your study on each Bible story.

There are two styles of these retelling pages.

One style has a drawing space in the middle with 6 pictures from the story on the sides. These pictures could be used as a mini picture dictionary for children who are advanced enough to write the words.

Bible Story Retelling Pages

The other style has a drawing space in the middle with 4 larger pictures representing the story.

Bible Story Retelling Pages

You can also have them dictate words to be written about the story. Either write their words on the back or on any blank space on the front.


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