Brainy Parenting

Despite much media attention to the parenting of ultra-modern urban families, there are no simple solutions to parenting dilemmas faced by parenting tips for urban people. Even though these debates might resonate strongly with some urban parents, they too often overlook the most fundamental, biological challenges most urban families face. A broad, demography-based look at the landscape of modern American families reveals harsh parenting divisions tied more to economics and structural factors than to personal beliefs or family values. The result is a wide range of parenting tips for urban people ranging from easy and simple techniques that serve to alleviate many of the inherent stresses of parenting to more complex and challenging approaches that challenge parenting discipline and relationships in the long run.

parentingThe difficulty of parenting comes not only from the limited time parents have to spend with their children but also from the difficulties of raising a child in a very demanding urban environment. Urban families face problems that set them aside from other families in terms of nutrition and exercise, as well as issues that directly affect parenting skills such as sleep patterns, independence, and self-esteem. While many parents welcome the opportunity to work and socialize with others in the workforce, the demands of parenting often precludes such efforts.

The pressure of parenting can also lead parents to overspend beyond their means. These overspending decisions may result in strained household finances that further crimp parenting skills and hampers educational opportunities for kids. Urban families may find themselves unable to get quality education or to access high quality child care. For this reason, parenting tips for urban people involve putting aside a portion of each paycheck for necessary expenses and using the remainder to cover everyday living expenses until home care and child care services can be obtained. In short, kids may find themselves even more exposed to the stress of school work and peer pressure than they were in the suburban family.