Brainy Parenting


Parenting has become a contentious topic in our nation. While these debates might resonate with some single parents, they usually completely miss the most basic, elemental issues that all parents face day-in and day-out. A broad, demographic-based examination of the landscape of modern American families shows stark, indeed universal parenting divides tied less to personal values or beliefs and more to structural factors and changing family structure. This information makes it clear that parenting tips for single parents need to take into account the unique parenting challenges facing today's youth.

One of the most common parenting tips for single parents is to remember that parenting is an individual discipline and style. This means that each parent can best know what parenting style will work best for him and his children. However, this doesn't mean that a specific parenting style has to be avoided because it isn't liked or practiced by some other people in the family unit. In fact, if a single father or mother tries a parenting style that doesn't work well with the kids, he or she should do whatever they can to understand why it might not be a good fit. Single fathers and mothers should also be proactive about finding out about other parenting tips for single parents, as parenting styles are likely to change over time and parenting advice that work well for one child might not necessarily work well for another.

For instance, while one parenting tip for single parents regarding fertility and timing is to get a second or third opinion on using fertility drugs, another parenting tip for single parents that has absolutely nothing to do with fertility drugs (and which many couples actually prefer) is to learn how to put more time and energy into their relationship. Far too often, when married couples try to add intimacy to their relationship, either party may feel pressured into taking medication or into having invasive (and often unpleasant) surgeries. While a man may want to be the main provider of love and physical security for his wife, she may resist his attempts at intimacy, especially if she feels she still has or will need to rely on the safety and care provided by her husband. A single parent's lack of sexual experience may also cause a woman to feel neglected and unloved; in some cases, a couple of years of marriage bliss can be shattered because a wife complains that her husband doesn't want to make love with her anymore.