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Heartsong’s Missing Foal by Whitney Sanderson is!

Would you like to be a Unicorn Guardian? This Is exactly what Ruby and Iris are… Unicorn Guardians. There was a time when unicorns and humans lived together, but the humans started hunting the unicorns.

Two girls used unicorn magic to create an Enchanted Realm where only the girls’ keys could open the Magic Gate. When the girls grew up they gave their magic keys to their daughters, Ruby and Iris! One day when the girls went to check on the unicorns they realized that Heartsong was missing. They checked in the Book of Unicorns and found that unicorns will go into the forest to have their babies. After a few days, the girls begin to worry because there is a strange magic in the forest.

They decide they have to go into the forest and find Heartsong. Will the girls find Heartsong? Has something bad happened to Heartsong or her new baby? Read this precious story for beginning chapter book readers and beyond!

 Why I love this book!

I loved, loved, loved this story! This is a small chapter book with pictures all through it. This book will grab the reader and want them wishing for more! So it’s great that there are more books in this series. Don’t miss this endearing story!

Don’t miss this one!

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