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One of the advantages of homeschooling your gifted child is the ability to incorporate their interests and passions into your learning. But how does it work in real life? This is a snapshot of what homeschooling your gifted child with interest-led learning is all about.


With Interest-Led Learning

What Is Interest-Led Homeschooling?

Interest-led learning is exactly what it sounds like. It’s allowing your child’s interests to lead the learning in your homeschool. It involves being a student of your child and using what you know to be true about them as your primary guide in helping them learn.

While it sounds great, it can be difficult to know what interest-led learning really looks like in real life. 

Today’s episode shares one family’s experience with delight-directed learning. 

With Interest-Led Learning

Why Does This Approach Work So Well For Gifted Children?

Curiosity sparks learning, especially for gifted and twice exceptional children.  You may already know exactly what your gifted child’s strong interests are – our kids have a way of making it very clear.

It’s the child who sings show tunes all the time. Or the one who can’t stop talking about reptiles. Or the one who will spend an entire afternoon reading a history book.

These interests allow us to take full advantage of their curiosity and use it to fuel the learning in our homeschool.

With Interest-Led Learning

Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode 136: Homeschooling Your Gifted Child With Interest-Led Learning

It is indeed an advantage of homeschooling our gifted children when we can incorporate their interests and passions into learning. But how does it work in real life? Today’s episode is a snapshot of what homeschooling your gifted child with interest-led learning is all about.


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