Brainy Parenting


The parenting practice that one practices affects not only his or her own children but those of his or her partner. Research suggests that parenting tips for single parents would have a much greater resonance and impact on kids if they came from a single parent with stable parenting background who has successfully balanced parenting skills with flexibility and who can effectively raise kids by themselves. A broad, geographically based view of the American landscape reveals more stark parenting divides associated with changing family structures and less to parenting philosophies or values. It also suggests that parenting tips for single parents tailored to each parent's unique parenting style could be more successful in their efforts to modify family dynamics and promote healthy family norms than parenting tips for single moms and dads.


One of the biggest parenting divides is between moms and dads who stay at home to care for kids while the father stays out to earn a living. This very general parenting tip for all American parents could change drastically if it were tailored to each parent's situation. For example, a parenting tips for single moms written by someone who works a high-level job and makes a lot of money might focus more on how being a stay-at-home parent impacts her life (making the decision to stay at home a necessity rather than an option) and how being a stay-at-home parent impacts the kids (rearing kids and catering to their needs as opposed to just having them). Similarly, parenting tips for single dads would emphasize that being a dad allows him to be physically near his children but he chooses not to be a breadwinner so any changes he makes to his lifestyle to care for the kids come with a cost.


Yet the biggest parenting divide remains between mothers and fathers who are breadworkers. Studies show that children of single-breadwinner parents experience greater emotional and physical risks. Children of two-breadwinner parents fare relatively better. Raising children together and spending time together is often the most effective way to bond, especially for mothers. However, when mothers work outside the home they lose the social benefits of being with their children and some benefit of being a breadwinner, which can make parenting advice for single parents even more relevant.