Brainy Parenting


Parenting is one of the most rewarding professions out there and it entails the most responsibility. parenting tips for single parents, parenting tips for busy people, parenting tips for the middle class, parenting tips for gay families, parenting tips for single moms, parenting tips for single dads and gay families, parenting tips for the grandparents, parenting tips for single African American and mixed-race children, parenting tips for single parents and gay families. Parenting is more than just disciplining your kids to eat healthy meals and get enough sleep. It is the capacity to love and support your children in a way that they will respect and appreciate you and themselves in time.


Parenting is an American treasure that has been passed down through generations of families and is considered to be a "social capital" in this country. It is time that our parenting practices and traditions are changed so that future generations can enjoy the same parenting style as we did. The President of the United States has a parenting plan and now it's up to each and every single family in the country to make a parenting plan that inspires change and continues to bring forth positive changes to improve parenting practices, policies, and legislation.


A parenting plan will allow every family to experience parenting success at whatever stage of parenting they are currently at. Single parenting can be a blessing; however parenting for some families may be a nightmare. Urban families and gay families have unique parenting needs that other families simply cannot handle. No matter what parenting approach you are willing to take, make sure you are taking the time to do research so that you don't make a parenting mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life. It can be a decision that you regret and feel badly about later in your life.