Brainy Parenting

Parenting is easier when you have friends, relatives, or neighbors in your corner. Indeed, human parents always required such helpers in the past. People who provide childcare services, emotional support, and monetary help. However, the need for such help is on the decline because of greater emphasis on education and career. With this, many single parents are now left with parenting responsibilities on their own.


If parenting tips for single parents are to be followed, then parenting tips for single parents must include having a balance between work and parenting; balancing emotional needs with fulfilling academic and financial needs; spending quality time with spouse and children; avoiding unhealthy habits such as substance abuse and indulging in recreational activities; and having meaningful relationships outside the home. One must also learn to prioritize and plan things in a systematic way. Having discipline and motivation can make parenting fun and stress free.


Studies show that mothers in industrialized societies are now spending more time at home and are less involved in the workplace than before. This is the result of increased educational opportunities for women and the change in family structures resulting from economic and social developments. Fathers are now staying home to care for young children, leaving the housewife to look after the rest of the house and the family. However, this has resulted in a shift in the role of the wife to assume more of the role of breadwinner and caretaker. This has caused significant changes in the way they deal with stress and have found it has negative effects on their health and their parenting skills.