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Oct 23

By Alissa M Marquess

I started out parenting sure that through sheer force of will I’d be cool, calm and connected. All the time.

And ha. HAHAHA. Not so much.

Probably that’s been one of the most important lessons parenting keeps teaching me: healthy relationships aren’t about being in some fixed, rigid state of being Good. Healthy relationships  are sustained through ongoing growth and learning.  Rigidity  makes for lot of frustration and shame, while curiosity and play open up so much opportunity for the  connections  we long for.

One of the things that helps me be less rigid is when I take time to journal about parenting. When you find good journal questions they help you reflect, see how you’ve grown, and help you integrate new awareness and insights.

Here are 3 good questions to ask yourself each week. Approach them with curiosity and self-compassion and you’ll be surprised how much of your own inner wisdom you can tap into.

I’ve started journaling on these questions each weekend and I’m also choosing a Parenting Secret Mission to go along with them to people on my email list. I invite you to play along with me; you can receive Parenting Secret Missions by subscribing here.

Weekly Check-In Journal Prompts:

Take a moment to jot down answers to the following. Feel into the gratitude you have and to give yourself credit for things big and small that went well. Our brains love to solve problems, so it’s easy to focus on things that went wrong. It’s crucial to notice the stuff that was good too.

  • What went well this past week?  You might think of things you’re grateful for, celebrations you had, ordinary wins, or moments of light in a dark day.
  • What was most challenging?  You might think of things that felt heavy, sad, confusing; times you wished for support; or on going issues that are making you long for a change.
  • Given your answers to the two previous questions, what’s important for family well-being for this coming week?  No need to solve everything at once! No need for perfection! Just check in with yourself and see if your joys or your struggles are telling you any thing you’d like to continue or to change.

Best wishes and happy journaling!


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