Brainy Parenting


Parenting is a significant life skill development activity for all people regardless of age, social background, ethnicity, gender, or economic status. The parenting tips for single parents include promoting healthy relationship among parents to help children grow up well while providing their own parenting as well as emotional support to the children. It is also important to know the parenting techniques to successfully raise children by following a proven parenting program. As parenting tips for single parents, it is important to consider the parenting styles that work best for you as a parent and match those parenting tips for single parents with the parenting styles that can be most effective for your parenting needs.


The committee then determined the relevant factors to measure the key components of parenting effectiveness. These factors are namely parenting behaviors, parenting beliefs and parenting attitudes. Based on this, the effectiveness tips for single parents were formulated. The next step for the committee was to identify the key stakeholders in the parenting arena that needed to be considered and review their needs as well as the implications these needs might have on the effectiveness of the parenting program. The focus of the evaluation was to assist practitioners to create and deliver parenting tips for single parents that address these key stakeholders' needs.


Following this, the next evaluation step looked at the people who come in contact with the child or the family unit as a parent and to evaluate how these people may respond to the parenting tips for single parents. Klungness says that the evaluation should consider how other people see the parenting plan adopted by the family. This could be an example of the family's environment and how people in the environment would likely react to the parenting strategies. This way, it ensures that the parenting tips for single parents are relevant to the unique environment and people in the setting.