Brainy Parenting


This parenting guide was written to provide parenting tips for busy people. The book is written in a very concise and easy to understand manner. There are chapters that focus on parenting tips for single moms, parenting tips for single fathers, parenting tips for busy people with kids, parenting tips for single moms and dads, parenting tips for African American families and parenting tips for every family in the book. There is a short chapter on parenting tips for single fathers and there is an afterword that provides resources and additional information for parenting tips for busy people. The book is chock full of practical advice and ways to parenting better and more effectively so that children are having fun, their parents are getting more done, and that the whole family is growing closer together. Some of these practical tips are applicable to all families regardless of how many children they have.


The committee, on which this book is directed has worked hard to make sure that all of their suggestions are helpful to all people no matter what their situation is. This chapter specifically focuses on the first section of the committee's charge to identify core parenting concepts, attitudes, and behaviors that are related to successful and positive parent-child relationships. Parenting by example approach is mentioned and this chapter explores how this can be beneficial to a child. Other important parenting tips for single parents include making sure that your parenting time is spent talking and not doing, and that there is an emphasis on healthy relationship building between you and your children rather than trying to force or modify the parenting style of your children.


The book ends with some additional recommendations for parenting tips for single parents. One important parenting recommendation is for single-parent families to have as much social support from everyone within the family as possible and to spend as much time as possible with each other. Another thing that the authors recommend is for single parents to talk about their problems as much as possible and also to keep track of their successes. It is also important to find some type of counselor or therapist to help you figure out how to manage your feelings. Overall, these are just some good suggestions for parenting for single parents.