Brainy Parenting

Parenting means the most essential facet of a person's life. It encompasses his or her education, values, and interpersonal interactions with others. It is also involved in the identification and adoption of one's parenting philosophy and practice. As compared to other fields, parenting has become a much sought after job opportunity for women, who are more likely to have a number of responsibilities in their lives such as looking after kids, cooking for the family, taking care of office work, and taking care of relatives. It is considered to be a necessary stepping stone in every individual's life.


There are certain basic elements that need to be included when parenting, which include open communication lines, nurturing, adjustment, tolerance, fun, mutual trust, and empathy. Open communication lines refers to the ability of both the mother and father to speak out their thoughts and feelings about their parenting style, especially if they have differences. The nurturing approach helps to build an environment for the child by encouraging him or her in different aspects of life. It also encourages the child to take responsibility for his own welfare and looks after him or herself at an early age. Tolerance and empathy help to eliminate the conflicts between the parents and children.

Parenting tips for urban couples include being realistic in one's beliefs. Urban couples usually have beliefs that differ from those of their parents, or are contrary to one another. These couples should therefore evaluate what they believe and how these beliefs influence their parenting approach. Parents should also remember that children develop according to their own pace and therefore do not always agree with their parents on parenting methods and ideas.