Brainy Parenting

The committee on parenting tips for urban people have done a tremendous job in compiling a series of practical parenting tips for urban families. The initial chapter focuses on the first major part of the committee's charge to define core parenting principles, attitudes, and behaviors that are linked with the healthy parenting of children from all parenting experiences and backgrounds. The second chapter goes on to consider the third major component which is coping skills and this chapter discusses the key characteristics of these parenting attitudes that can help all single parents as they strive to raise their children. The concluding chapter considers the parenting tips for single mothers and the chapter looks at some helpful resources that might assist single parents as they successfully navigate this difficult parenting paradigm.


The focus on parenting tips for single moms emphasizes the importance of connecting individual family values and experiences to parenting in the context of family life and in the context of a community. Single moms need to understand the different parenting styles as well as the different ways that parenting has been impacted by socialization. The integration of different parenting styles and a diversity of cultural and regional experiences will help the single parent understand not only her own unique parenting style but also the perspective of other divorced moms that might be more relevant to her as she works to raise her kids. Connecting various parenting styles will enhance the ability of single moms to support their kids in building healthy relationships.


The parenting tips for urban families stresses the need for stable marriages in order to raise children well and recommends taking care of your kids before you have them. The emphasis on marriages as the key to raising good kids emphasizes the importance of having the marriage work and being prepared to devote time, energy, and effort to making a marriage work. The tips for parenting for single mothers provide useful information regarding how to balance work and home life while parenting small children. These tips also provide practical parenting advice and practical parenting skills that single mothers can practice to improve the quality of their parenting.