Brainy Parenting

The book is a great resource for parenting tips for single parents or for anyone who is struggling with parenting issues. Parenting tips for single parents provides an overview of the parenting styles and advice for making parenting tips for urban people and parenting tips for single mothers. This chapter specifically addresses the first part of the parenting committee's contribution to identify core parenting principles, attitudes, and behaviors that are related to healthy parenting and effective parenting interactions and development of kids from birth through 8. Single fathers and moms will benefit from this book in many different ways. The focus on how other parenting styles can be beneficial also helps single parents who have trouble defining their own parenting philosophy.


The second chapter focuses on how single moms can make parenting tips for urban people much easier by taking care of themselves. The focus on the parenting tips for single moms includes some practical parenting tips for single moms and how to make parenting tips for single moms fit into their busy lifestyle. This chapter will reinforce the message that parenting is not about being perfect but is about being responsible and getting help when you need it most. It also gives a few parenting tips for single moms that will help them get through parenting by taking care of themselves.

Chapter three focuses on the parenting by numbers' approach. The author says Dr. Lee focuses on parenting by numbers and not by feelings or emotions. He realizes that parenting by numbers just takes baby thinking out of the equation. In fact, baby thinking is not only important in making sure your baby grows up healthy and strong but it also will make parenting easier. Dr. Lee points out that it is impossible to take any baby in to your care and not have any emotional attachment. From the time you adopt a child until they are in high school, there are going to be things like attachments to toys and teachers that are important to you and your child.