Brainy Parenting

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs, especially if you are a mother who has to bring up children on your own. parenting tips for single dads, parenting tips for busy people, parenting tips for urban people, parenting tips for single moms, parenting tips for gay or lesbian parents and parenting tips for all other parents are provided here to help other parents cope with the challenges of parenting. The best way to deal with parenting is to accept that parenting is a lifelong process and that changing a child's attitude, values, morals, awareness, behaviour, and character through social experiences will be present at the same time as these changes are happening.


The term parenting can be used to refer to any set of parenting practices that involve an established set of rules and beliefs about how children should be raised and who their parents should be. The parenting practice can include anything from spanking, authoritarian parenting, liberal parenting, religious parenting, or other parenting practices. Parenting usually refers to the interplay between an authoritative parent and a child in the child's life, where the child is understood, nurtured, sheltered and guided by the parenting practice and the parents. It also includes the guidance, education and protection of the child from early experience and on through the teen years.


Some parenting tips for single parents involve a certain degree of independence on the part of the parent. One of the best parenting tips for single parents is to make sure that both parents and the child understand and commit to their parenting practices. Parents should discuss all aspects of their parenting practices with each other, so that there is no surprise when the child needs help with something or wants you to help him with something. People sometimes think that it is better to be a little bit independent than remain with an authoritative parent but this isn't necessarily true and will only cause problems. By being as independent as possible, you will find that you parenting practices are smoother and your parenting strategies work better.