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To build, develop, and maintain a true community of readers, it takes a village. Community partnerships and parental involvement are instrumental, as well as the right solutions in the right hands. A community depends on each other and uses the strengths of all involved to come together and do something great—the same rings true for one of readers.

Below, we’ve curated a collection of free resources to help administrators, teachers, and families infuse reading throughout the entire community. We’ve pooled all of these resources in one place to help you easily find what you need. Take a look, share it with others, and be sure to bookmark this page—we’ll continue to add new resources in the coming months!

Articles, downloadables, and links

To create a community of readers, you first need to get everyone reading. From research-driven reading practice guides to fun bookmarks and bingo cards, these resources will help everyone in the community fall in love with reading.

How-to guides for educators:

Help kids find titles they love to read

Engage parents and families

Get the most out of every minute of reading

Motivate students to read every day

Support nonfiction reading

For more articles and downloadables, head over to

Videos and webinars

We know that reading practice is instrumental in helping students become their best, but how do we do it? Discover new insights and learn practical tips in one of our short videos or free webinars.

Stories to inspire

Want to see how districts and schools nationwide are building communities of readers? While there are a number of different districts and schools we’ve covered, we picked a few recent ones we love—among them, a district in Mission, Texas, that holds a reading celebration in their local football stadium and a student starting their own “Reading is Life Organization.”

Fiction and nonfiction reading programs

Looking for the perfect reading solution to support your community of readers? Look no further.

Building a community of readers takes a village AND it takes time. This collective impact must be focused on common values and goals. Then, once the ground is paved, the foundation for a community of readers will take shape!

Know someone who would enjoy these resources? Share this page with them. Be sure to visit the community of readers page as well! It breaks down what a collective impact model looks like, examples of successful reading communities, and much more.

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