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Tonight was our stop on the #blogtour for a sweet new book – Delightfully Different Dilly by Elizabeth Dale and Liam Darcy!

The story is set in Antarctica were a huge family of penguins all live – looking and waddling pretty much exactly the same. Things change with the arrival of Dilly. Her parents love her completely and don’t seem to notice anything different, but it doesn’t take long for some of the other chicks to spot Dilly hopping on her one leg instead of waddling like everybody else.

The children quickly accept this difference and have fun hopping, twirling, rolling and having great fun with Dilly. But then some of the other adults notice that Dilly is different and complain that she is teaching their babies “odd things” before demanding that she stop being different! Thankfully, it’s not long before an accident gives Dilly her chance to shine and teach the adults that it is good to be different!

This is a really sweet story with a very likeable penguin star and an important message to deliver. Differences should be celebrated and it is nice to see in this story that the kids are fully onboard with this from the start, as they so often are in real life! T and L both definitely liked this one and engaged with the story and Dilly throughout. L was practising his hopping as we tried to settle for bed and T told me, “that penguin is real cute!” Go check this one out and enjoy the positive message and super cure illustrations!

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