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Tonight was our stop on the blog tour for Scaredy Bat, by Jonathan Meres and Anders Frang, and we got to enjoy this one in a location with bats swooping around us as night fell!

The first twist in this story come though with a daytime setting and it from here that we have lots of humour that might swoop over the heads of of very youngest readers like a bat in the night – think its getting early/things that go bump in the day – but that we definitely enjoyed! The story stars three bats (Little, Middle and Big) with some teasing sending Little Bat out on a scary daytime flight that might see him come face-to-face with THE BOGEY BAT! Little Bat’s bravery is matched only by the worry from his brothers who remain safely ensconced in their home hollow, but staying here doesn’t keep them safe from a good scare!

This is a story packed full of fun, with humour for readers young and old in both the words and pictures! The text is enjoyably put together, with hints of rhyme, mixed sentence sizes and even singing opportunities making this a perfect read-aloud! We also loved the illustrations, from cute Little Bat and his single fang, to the browns and greens of the wood and the watching animals (L found the birds very sneaky)!

This one is brand new out and definitely worth you checking out! A loveable cast and lots of fun!

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