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The Magical Yet

Author: Angela DiTerlizzi

Illustrator: Lorena Alvarez

Published in 2020 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

The Magical Yet is a dazzling and delightful book that illustrates the power of believing in the possibilities. Readers can connect with the relatable experience of trying to master a new skill such as riding a bike, playing an instrument, or doing ballet, and sometimes feeling frustrated when it does not come as easily as we had hoped. It can be challenging to see the potential and keep persisting.

Thankfully, we are introduced to the magical “Yet,” a personified companion that accompanies us on our journeys of trying and failing, having patience to persevere, and trying again. For anyone who has ever believed in the possibilities, for anyone who has ever encouraged someone with “this is just something you can’t do YET,” for anyone who has seen the potential and had to keep persisting — this hopeful and uplifting story depicts growth mindset in action, trusting that “with Yet as your guide, along the way, you’ll do all the things you can’t do today… with Yet you can get where you want to be.” The rhyming text is captivating and memorable. Enchanting, immaculate illustrations exquisitely complement the wonder and marvel of the magical “Yet.”

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