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We borrowed a classic chapter book from mummy’s collection for one of our latest reads – The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.

For the uninitiated, Mildred is a first year student at Mrs Cackle’s Academy for Witches. And despite her best attempts to fit in, trouble seems to follow Mildred wherever she goes and whatever she does. She has few friends, has trouble riding a broomstick, gains a cat that seems less than impressive and only has one real friend – Maud. And she also seems to do a good job of making enemies, with Miss Hardbroom watching her closely and another first year named Ethel eager to bring Ethel down after Ethel turns her into a pig!

A crafty trick with a replacement broomstick leads to Mildred spoiling the Academy display at the Halloween celebrations leads to Mildred feeling she has no option but to run away from school! But just when we see Mildred at her lowest ebb, she stumbles upon a secret plot and a chance for redemption. Can accident-prone Mildred save the entire Academy from a dastardly plot?!

T and I both joined this one. At 10 chapters and just over 100 pages in length, things move along quickly enough to engage and there is plenty of excitement and humour that will appeal to younger readers. Mildred is a likeable main character and young readers will definitely relate to some of her experiences. There are also lots of black and white illustrations peppered through the book. Think of this as a Harry Potter light for young readers, and if your kid likes it there are loads in the series. 😀

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