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After a lull in productivity we have a few reviews to catch up with, and first up is Toto the Ninja Cat and The Mystery Jewel Thief by Dermot O’Leary (from the tele) and Nick East.

Despite Toto being the star of her own series, this is our first meeting thanks to a cleverly placed display at our local Sainsburys! Because of this, there were a few references that went over our heads but, in the main, this book worked perfectly well as a standalone to pick up and enjoy, and enjoy we did!

The story kicks off with a flashback that sees a powerful collar seemingly destroyed and a risk to London gone for good. But, obviously, that is not how things work out. Before long, the crown jewels are stolen and the race is on to find the second half of the collar that was lost to history hundreds of years earlier. There’s a race across London, an ancient mystery to unlock, a group of awesome friends and what looks like an unbeatable bad guy (the collar leads to mega growth/strength)!

Toto makes for a great lead – she is smart and funny but also has vulnerabilities which give her friends chance to shine. It’s easy to see why she has become to star of a series of books! There is enough humour and peril to entertain, although some of the jokes might go over younger readers heads! The black and white illustrations are lots of fun and break things up nicely. T definitely enjoyed the story, although he told me, “I liked the fighting and action best and there should be more of that!”

Don’t be put off by the celebrity author, Dermot has created a cool character and an exciting story for readers 7+.

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