Brainy Parenting


For many people parenting is a struggle. For others it seems an impossible job. Unfortunately, single parents and divorced parents are statistically more likely to endure high levels of stress and frustration. While these arguments might resonate strongly with some single parenting parents, they frequently overlook the most basic, elemental challenges all parents face, particularly those with low incomes. In fact, a broad, demographic-based examination of the landscape of modern American families shows stark parenting divides associated far more to economics and changing family structures than any perceived philosophies or moral values. The good news is that parenting tips for single parents can help anyone struggling with parenting, regardless of their circumstances.


The first of several parenting tips for single parents focuses on the importance of early childhood education. The fact is that moms who complete a high school education typically have a much higher quality of life than do those with only a high school diploma. This is due in part to the fact that early childhood education is often offered in schools designed to provide a solid education for all children but especially those with low incomes. In addition, research has shown that the costs of pre-school programs are slowly declining as a result of increased funding from state and federal sources. And although many parents mistakenly believe that pre-school programs are only designed for affluent kids, research now indicates that by age five, most children enrolled in pre-school programs are from middle-class families with regular income. As such, the benefits of early childhood education are enormous for moms of all income brackets.


Then there are the parenting tips for single parents that deal specifically with how busy people cope with parenting. Being a parent is hard work, and parenting is even harder. But the rewards can be tremendous and the concerns about parenthood can seem endless. There are plenty of parenting tips for moms of all ages, and there is plenty of wisdom to be learned about parenting from the experiences of other moms who have been there before you. But the most important parenting tips for moms involve recognizing that parenting is not about being perfect, but about doing the right thing, the best thing, and the honest best because this is what will truly bring lasting happiness to your children.