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If you have the opportunity to read to your child’s class during storytime, these kindergarten read alouds are sure to be big hits!


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The Kindergarten Read Alouds To Wow Young Students

Here’s the scenario.

You were just asked to be mystery reader for your child’s class. Or perhaps you were asked to simply come read to the students at their weekly family storytime.

You get so excited! After all, you’re a pro at reading to your kids before bed! But then you start to panic.

You’ll be reading in front of a big group of kids. Lots of kids.

And there’s no doubt about it. Children can be the toughest critics. So what do you read if you want them to be engaged and captivated? How can you make them laugh and convey a great message too?

What makes for a great kindergarten read aloud?

At Least One of Your Kindergarten Read Alouds Should be Fun, Fun, Fun!

Many teachers want you to read more than one book when you come to read to the class. Typically, then, I arm myself with two choices – one kindergarten read aloud that is guaranteed to get laughs (we simply love funny children’s books!) , and another that imparts a great lesson.

Go with the fun book first. Once you hook the students with a book that gives them a solid case of the giggles, it makes it easier to read another great book that will help them learn something too. Whether it’s a message about confidence, adopting a growth mindset, or understanding their complex emotions, the possibilities are endless.

So don’t stress.

We’ve got you covered with the best kindergarten read alouds right here.

To make it even easier, the kindergarten read alouds below are divided into three simple categories: stories that convey great messages, funny and imaginative books, and kindergarten read alouds that teach confidence and self love.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some of these awesome stories, and don’t be late to class!

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Kindergarten Read Alouds that Convey Great Lessons


This fabulous book is inspired by Mary Edwards Walker, a trailblazing doctor who rebelled against the traditional clothing typically worn by women and girls in the 1800s. Why? Because girls were supposed to wear dresses, and only boys could wear pants. But pants were more comfortable – they allowed for more freedom and movement. So what did Mary do? Supported by her parents, she had a novel idea — she would wear whatever she wanted! My family and my students love the way this fabulous story conveys that our single, individual voices have so much power to make positive change, and it is always a classroom favorite! For our full review of Mary Wears What She Wants, click here! BUY THIS BOOK FROM:


Not only is this a fun and fabulous kindergarten read aloud, but it is also an important one for your shelves. Apologizing when you’ve made a mistake is not easy, and we all sometimes need a good reminder about how to say we’re sorry. With great tips, joyful humor, and sincerity to boot, this book helps readers young and old see that even though it’s not always easy to apologize, apologizing helps make situations and people feel better when someone messes up. This is a great primer for young readers and an important refresher for older ones!



Oh, how I love this book! We all know someone like Jenny Mei, the kind of friend who always smiles and makes others laugh. But her good friends know that behind that outer cheer, Jenny Mei is sad. And a really good friend will be there to support Jenny when she needs it most. With tenderness and a keen insight into the childhood mind and psyche, this book helps little ones understand sadness, friendship, and how we can support our cherished pals not only through the fun times, but through the tough ones too.



Something bad has happened to Taylor — she cannot get over her devastation when a tower she worked so hard to construct crashes to the ground. Her friends try to help. They offer suggestions and unsolicited advice, trying everything in the books to get her to calm down. But only when the rabbit sits and listens — just listens, quietly and calmly – does she begin to feel better. How I love this one! This is a favorite picture book about friendship that highlights the ever important quality of listening to a friend rather than jumping in and trying to “fix” things.



One of the most commonly asked questions all children get asked sounds simple, at first: “what will you be when you grow up?” But simple questions don’t always have simple answers, prompting one little girl to ponder all of the possibilities for her future. After all, as the child learns from her abuela, our potential is limitless. We love the message this book conveys, encouraging children to foster their curiosity and dream big. The glowing illustrations are a perfect addition to this vibrant read!



This is a darling story about a lovebird who does not like to be kissed. In fact, she squeaks emphatically, “no kissies!” if another bird tries to get too close! This causes drama among the other affectionate birds, and this huge chasm setting her apart from the other lovebirds makes Rissy feel weird too. When Rissy talks to her mother, mom imparts a valuable message: “Your body and your heart are yours, and you choose how to share./ You get to pick the ways you want to show us that you care.” This is a perfect book about consent for kids and a wonderful story to introduce the concept of bodily autonomy to children of all ages.



This is such a darling book to add to your collections about the power – and magic – of the word “yet.” Introducing this word into your child’s regular vocabulary is a huge way to foster a growth mindset and teach him him that even when he hasn’t conquered a particular skill, it doesn’t mean he never will. Instead, it simply means he just hasn’t conquered it YET. This book, about our special companion called the Yet, offers a powerful lesson for kids and gives all of us parents a fun way to drive home this important concept.



Malika receives the perfect pair of shoes as a gift from her Nana, and she wears them during many new experiences throughout the year. But then— oh no!! Malika grows and her shoes become too tight! She is so sad to part with them, but when she takes the shoes to a second hand store, Malika hopes someone else will wear them and love them too. Then Inna Ziya spies the shoes in the window and gifts them to a little girl who will love them… in Africa! I love the way one pair of shoes connects two children across the world. Letting go of prized possessions is not easy for so many children, but this joyful story helps kids recognize how letting go may be sad but can bring so much joy to others! 



Vashti can’t draw, and because she knows she’s no artist, she doesn’t even want to try. To prove her point? She makes an angry dot on her piece of paper. Vashti’s teacher makes her sign her dot drawing, and thus begins the start of a beautiful journey. We adore the way this book encourages play and experimentation as an antidote to failure. For our full review of The Dot, click here!



This book is so, so good, and such a wonderfully informative and perfect story to share with young ones who grapple with understanding complex emotions! Using metaphor and pitch perfect, poetic text, this book explains to children all of the reasons we may find ourselves crying. Whether its due to sadness that must escape our bodies, unbridled joy, or simply because we can’t find the right words and tears speak a universal language, this gorgeous story explores the importance of crying not only to release pain but also to help us find calm and serenity. I absolutely love this book and the brilliant way it normalizes crying, no matter who is shedding the tears.



In this companion to the beloved Jabari Jumps, Jabari is trying hard to build a flying machine in his backyard. But making his contraption turn from failure to flyer is proving a lot easier said than done. Jabari gets frustrated, but his kind and gentle dad is back to give him a pep talk. Jabari also learns the value of having a teammate thanks to his little sister, Nika. We love the Jabari books, the tender familial relationships, and Cornwall’s effective art. I also absolutely love the clever way Cornwall gives a nod to BIPOC inventors and scientists in the latest story, giving families even more to ponder and a wonderful means to spark additional questions and learning!



In this poetic picture book, readers see how people across the globe are connected, and how we are all more similar to one another than we are different. This is a beautiful story of how “me” can be “we,” and a simple kind action can create meaning around the world. Beautiful, hopeful, and sweet without being saccharine, this is a lovely story to create community.



This is such a darling book about being true to who you are, and we simply adore Blaine! Blaine is a young boy who loves to sparkle, and the more shimmer and shine, the better! Unfortunately, though, Blaine’s bling makes some people stare, and others bully him for his unique ways. This causes Blaine to lose his glow, until some of his friends deck themselves out in glitter. After all, happiness comes to all when you throw glitter, not shade!



A young student is hesitant to tell her classmates about her unique family. But once the other students begin talking about their own alternative families, the students quickly learn there is no one way to be.  Instead, each family is special in its own, uniquely wonderful way. This flawless story conveys that families come in all shapes and sizes, some with divorced parents, others with adopted children, some with same sex parents and others with multiracial parents, just to name a few. It is a book I am proud to display in our school library, and one that is cherished in our home collection because it stands for everything I believe in!


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Funny Imaginative Kindergarten Read Alouds


This book, about a sloth and a lemur who happen across a delicious-looking cake, is simply hilarious. Should they eat it? Should they share it with others? Sloth lists all of the friends they could share the delicious treat with, but lemur has other ideas, rationalizing why it’s so much better for them to keep it to themselves. So, that is what the animals decide to do – until the true owner of the cake shows up and gives them a run for their money. We love the subversive ending and the way this book makes readers young and old laugh with glee!



This is a fun rhyming read aloud that follows a young boy’s cat during the course of its day. No matter whether the cat is lounging in the sun, stretching after a nap, or sharpening his nails on the chair, this infectious read aloud will have kids bopping to the rhythmic text as they delight in the story and the vibrant illustrations that purr with a fabulous energy. A perfect kindergarten read aloud!



This has been on heavy rotation in our house since the day it came in the mail, so much so that when my son had to dress as a book character for a party at school he chose to go as Jasper Rabbit in his ghoulish, glowing underwear. I mean, take a pair of neon green underpants, smack a creepy, Frankenstein-esque face on them, and mail them to China (only to have them immediately returned with a pair of chopsticks!), and its clear you have a winner on your hands. Need I say more?



Oh my goodness, I laughed so many times reading this book, and my boys thought it was absolutely hilarious. I love books that play around with language, and this zany and hilarious conversation between a dad and his bear cub will you have giggling from start to finish — and learn homonyms and conjunctions along the way. If you love the old “Who’s on First” comedy routine, this is one of the funny children’s books sure to become a family favorite.



This fractured fairy tale is hilarious, and if your kids know the original story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they will absolutely love this brilliant retelling about Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur… and another dinosaur who just so happened to be visiting from Norway. LOL!! One day, the three dinosaurs decided to tidy up their house and make chocolate pudding. They were definitely, most definitely not, trying to set a trap for one unsuspecting little girl. Or were they? This is Mo Willems at his finest.



Sam and Dave have one single mission: to dig a hole until they find something spectacular. So they dig and dig, until their hole is so deep that their heads are underground. Though the boys think something spectacular does indeed happen in the end, it’s not what the reader anticipates… and this is just one of the things that makes this story so fantastic. We absolutely love funny children’s books where the textual and visual narratives tell two different stories, each serving to support and enhance the other while at the same time carrying their own weight. And this one is just the best!



Looking for one of the funniest funny children’s books? Don’t walk, run to the store and grab this one! Belly laughs. Snorts and squeals. Uncontrollable giggles. This is one of the most fun read alouds ever. Will a child enjoy a book with no pictures? That sounds boring. Really boring. But not this book. because the storyteller has to read all the words on all of the pages. And when the words on those pages are awfully silly, get ready for total and utter hilarity.



Lali finds a simple feather in the field and tries to return it to its rightful owner. Yet all the birds she speaks with reject that feather- it’s not big enough, beautiful enough, or powerful enough. So Lali takes matters into her own hands, showing everyone around her just how special this simple little feather is… and inviting others to recognize it’s awesome magic as well. The vibrant illustrations and charming text make this feel as if it’s an old Indian fold tale given a fresh and modern spin. It’s simply wonderful, and one I’ve shared with my kids again and again!



This book, about a boy searching for life on Mars, kills me every single time. I don’t know what it is that makes me love it so much, but it’s just ridiculously fun. I love picture books where the text and illustrations tell different stories– and sometimes totally contradict each other. There is something so wondrous about watching kids read and interpret these books, and when they truly understand the interplay between the two different narratives, it’s like witnessing a little piece of magic. This funny children’s book, about a boy searching for life on Mars who has no clue he’s being followed by a real life martian, is simply fabulous.



If there’s one thing children can relate to, it’s that being patient can be downright tough! This is the story of a caterpillar who can’t wait to become a butterfly — but he gets a little antsy as he waits to metamorphosize. Why on earth does it take so long? Will he ever be able to do it? This factual and funny book will make your kids squeal with delight — and it will teach them a little something, too.



Is that a child with no clothes on the cover of this book? Indeed it is, and this charming story will have young readers cracking up as they listen. After all, what child doesn’t love to be naked and get dressed up in their grownups’ clothes? Fred loves to stomp around his house with no clothes on, but when he wanders into his parents closet one day, he discovers that his mom’s clothes are just delightful. He loves mom’s jewelry, and even her makeup, and when his family sees how Fred has dressed up, they decide to get in on the action too. We simply adore the way this books celebrates the innocence of childhood and allows kids to be unabashedly free.


Kindergarten Read Alouds About Self Love and Confidence


This gorgeous book tackles one girl’s journey as she learns to love her Asian eyes. She comes to realize her eyes are just like those of her family before her. All of their eyes are ones she loves, values, and finds extraordinarily safe and beautiful. What I love the most about this book is the brilliant way Ho weaves Chinese culture throughout the story to bolster the child’s growing confidence in, and love for, her eyes. From lotus flowers to lychees, oolong pools to swords of warriors, the symbols give this story so much richness and a vivid backdrop for understanding the child’s pride in her beautiful eyes. An absolute stunner of a picture book. From illustration to message, it’s all perfectly on point!



In this delightful story, readers meet Laxmi, a little girl who never gave much thought to the tiny hairs above her lip. Until, that is, the day a boy on the playground tells her she would make a perfect cat since she already had whiskers. His comment devastates Laxmi, who suddenly can’t stop seeing all of her body hair. Laxmi’s mother helps her recognize that hair grows everywhere, not just on top of one’s head, and that all people, no matter their gender, have body and facial hair. I love the way Mom addresses Laxmi’s concern by showing her how much pride can be found in the hair above her lip (called her “mooch,”) and how many strong women before her celebrated their facial hair. The tone is always positive, it never dismisses or diminishes Laxmi’s frustration, and it empowers not just Laxmi, but all children, to embrace their unique characteristics.



To say we loved Be Kind, the first book in this series, is an understatement. And Be Strong, just like its predecessor, is awesome! Here, Tanisha is back and she is facing something that scares her tremendously – the rock climbing wall in gym. After all, she doesn’t feel nearly as strong as her friends, and she worries she won’t reach the top. But with a little help from her family, Tanisha learns that being strong means a lot more than the size of your muscles. It has to do with being courageous, speaking up, showing up, and not giving up, too! This book conveys such an incredible message for little ones, while never feeling didactic or like it is talking down to children, and I simply love the way it speaks so organically to children who struggle with their own confidence and understanding the complex meaning of the word “strength.” Love, love, love!



Joe only has one leg, and, frankly, he is sick of being asked the same question over and over again – what happened to his other one? He just wants to play pirates like the rest of the kids on the playground, without the constant interruptions and questions! We appreciate the way this story shows kids that they don’t need to know the medical details or personal stories about another’s life before playing together. Instead, we can simply choose to respect one another’s differences without having any expectation that a disabled child – or any child, for that matter! – share specifics with those he encounters. Based on the author’s experiences as a child with a physical disability, this is an important story reflecting a genuine and authentic perspective that includes helpful notes from the author about setting boundaries and discussing disability with kids.



This is everything a kids book should be. Empowering. Affirming. An ode to childhood confidence, courage and imagination. The text is creative and lively, with sentences that stop you in your tracks and beg to be read again. The illustrations are luminous, showing joyful Black boys of every shade under the sun achieving and playing and celebrating and going through their days with respect and love. Friends, this is a must-read. It is a powerful “mirror” book for Black boys around the world, a tremendously important “window” book for all other children, and a story to remind each and every one of us that Black Lives Matter, they always have, and they always will. What a remarkable masterpiece by this indomitable duo.



What a tremendously powerful book to convey that some children have words that get stuck in the back of their mouths, words that don’t come out the way they want them to. This story centers around a young boy who stutters and his loving father who uses the river to help the boy find his voice. Just as the river ebbs and flows, so, too, does the child’s voice. This important story pulls children into the world of those with dysfluency, written by the author’s own personal experiences.



A diverse group of children celebrate the ways in which they are just that — smart. From readers to builders, creators to healers, this book showcases all of the various ways children display their own unique forms of intelligence. Intelligence manifests itself so differently in all of our little ones, and each kid’s smarts — whether in the form of creativity, ingenuity, or sensitivity — should not just be recognized, but honored, celebrated, and applauded, too!




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