Brainy Parenting

Parenting is a never-ending process that requires you to continually be proactively attentive to your children's well being. While these debates might resonate strongly with some divorced parents, they too often overlook the most basic, elemental challenges all parents face. A wide, demographically focused examination of the landscape of American families demonstrates stark parenting divisions linked more to economics and family structure than to moral or religious beliefs or lifestyle choices. Here are three parenting tips for busy people, single parents and the divorced:


Parents of minor children are often exhausted during the day and struggle to make time for parenting, let alone preparing nutritious meals. Single parents often find themselves working long after the children have gone to bed. If you are a parent with a child who has difficulty sleeping, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to get them to quiet down when they need you. Try taking some parenting tips for single moms and dads such as reading them a story before bed or practicing progressive relaxation techniques before bed, which will set an example for when they do need you. Reading before bed also allows you to be in control of your breathing, which is important for parenting tips for single parents.


The stresses of parenting are often compounded by the stress of trying to earn a living and caring for a spouse and young child while tending to those demands alone. A comprehensive package of parenting tips for single parents such as ensuring there is plenty of light and sleep to see in the evening, setting aside certain activities for times when the children are not available can go a long way toward relieving parental stress. Maintaining a healthy balance between work/home and family life is essential to both well-being and peace of mind.