Learn Shapes with Baby Bradley Preschool and Kindergarten Shapes in English

Baby Bradley teaches kids the shapes circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, heart, and oval. Baby Bradley is playing with his shape cards in his bedroom when he has an idea. Through imaginative play, he joins his friends Skye and Zane to rock out to a fun song that will help your child learn the shapes. This learning video is great for preschool, kindergarten, toddlers and ESL. Learn Shapes with Baby Bradley Lyrics: Hey Sky! Hey Zane! Let's learn shapes! circle … an orange circle square … a green square rectangle … a blue rectangle diamond … a red diamond heart … a purple heart oval … a pink oval triangle … a yellow triangle Baby Bradley: (laughs) This is fun! square … a yellow square diamond … an orange diamond oval … a green oval heart … a red heart triangle … a pink triangle circle … a blue circle rectangle … a purple rectangle Com'on Sky… Com'on Zane… let's ROCK! circle … circle! circle! circle! triangle … triangle! triangle! triangle! rectangle … rectangle! rectangle! rectangle! diamond … diamond! diamond! diamond! heart … heart! heart! heart! oval … oval! oval! oval! square … square! square! square! Baby Bradley: (laughs) Wheeeee! diamond … diamond! diamond! diamond! square … square! square! square! rectangle … rectangle! rectangle! rectangle! heart … heart! heart! heart! triangle … triangle! triangle! triangle! circle … circle! circle! circle! oval … oval! oval! oval! Baby Bradley: (singing) la, la, la-la-la-la, la, la Wheeeee! (laughs) Shapes are fun! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and enable notifications. Rock ‘N Learn has been publishing children’s educational media for 35 years. We recently started making much of our content available on YouTube. We want to thank our subscribers for helping us achieve over 1 million subscribers in a short time. Please subscribe and enable alerts to stay informed of new Rock ‘N Learn videos added weekly. - If you're searching for the easy way to teach how to read for kids from the early age please check out the following information below!