My Cat Pees Everywhere in the House Litter Box 101 - Cats Urine Problems - A common question I get is "Why does my cat pee everywhere?" In this video, I'm going to go over the most obvious thing that people tend to miss when they're having litter box problems when the cat is missing the litterbox. Check out Litter Genie products here: ▶︎ 🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜 ==Calling all pet parents! Share your video moments with me...and maybe the world! Upload your clips here ▶︎ 🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜🐱💜 😺 My Favorite Cat Products (naturally!) 😺 ▶︎ 🐈 Follow Me Here! 🐈 INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► TWITCH ► 😻 The Jackson Galaxy Project 😻 We make a difference for at-risk animals and the people who care for them. Join us! ► #catlitter #catdad #catfacts "Light, Love & Mojo" - Please visit this site: to find the best advices, tips and tricks on cat care and cat behavior related topics like cat urine odor removal from various sources and experts in the field.

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