The Advantage Family: Cat Grooming Tips, Techniques, Tools, & Products for Beginners - Cats Supplies Tips - Subscribe to The Advantage Family YouTube Channel for informative cat and pet parent stories. Our channel includes helpful pet care how-to videos. We understand that you want to know more about cat grooming, how-to-doit yourself and why is it essential to your cat. Watch this video from The Advantage Family to find out more about cat grooming, which techniques you can apply, and what tools and products are best to use for cats. If you’ve ever wondered “How important cat grooming is?” or “Which product is best for cat grooming” The Advantage Family has all the answers. Find out the best way to groom your cat and about cat nutrition to make sure they get the everyday nutritional requirements they need. You can see more helpful how-to videos on pet nutrition and pet conditions on The Advantage Family YouTube Channel – your furry friend online. Furthermore we understand the importance of having information at hand, so visit for all things ‘pet’ and like our Advantage Petcare Facebook Page: for exclusive promotions. Cat Grooming Tips for Beginners: Techniques, Tools, & Products Video Transcript Information: Cats take pretty good care of cleaning themselves Cat: Well hello gorgeous But a little help is often needed Cat: Little bit to the left... Cats are timid so be gentle Cat: Oh it's just you, I'm such a scaredy cat... They might even allow you to clip their sharp nails Check for skin irritations as well as parasites like fleas and ticks and when done apply Advocate Cat: mmm... it's tiring being this beautiful... - Please visit this source: to find the best advices, tips and tricks on cat care and cat behavior related topics like how to get cat pee smell out from various sources and experts in the field.

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